Follow-on Hire Form

Welcome to the Follow-on Hire Scheme, there are two sizes available either small/medium or large/XL. These kits should cover all your baby and toddler’s nappy needs until they are ready to start potty training.

Inside your kit you will find manual containing information on using, storing, washing and drying your nappies.


All nappies, wraps and liners are thoroughly washed and checked by The Nappy Network between hires, and I am satisfied that any health risk has been minimised through these precautions. I accept that The Nappy Network cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen consequences arising from the use of this kit. I agree to provide feedback when The Nappy Network contact me to conduct a follow up questionnaire.



The Follow-on Hire Kit is charged at £20 for the initial month and £5 per each following month. Please indicate which payment method you prefer in order that we can set this up.

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The Nappy Network mission statement

‘To facilitate the use of washable nappies and raise awareness of their many benefits.’