Care Instructions

-Dispose of the solid content/liner if appropriate

-Store the nappies in bucket/hanging pail until you need to wash – NO need to soak

-Wash as per instructions or (30-60) with around half the recommended quantity of non-bio detergent/Eco-egg/Soap Nuts. NO fabric softener, bleach or vinegar.

-Dry – line dry or tumble dry low (if manufacturer instructions permit)

*An optional rinse may be needed at any stage of the process above if you wish or feel it necessary.


-Brand new nappies, just like towels are not very absorbent – to rectify this put them through a couple of wash cycles first to bring the absorbency up to normal.

-If you have a large amount of new nappies a cheaper option would be to soak them in a bath of water with a little liquid detergent overnight and then wash.

-It is fine to wash nappies along with other clothing if you wish.

-If your washing machine has a ‘baby clothing’ wash cycle extra rinsing should not be necessary.

-Flushable liners may be washed and reused if not soiled.

-Flushable liners are not recommended for homes connected to septic tanks.

-Fabric softener has waterproofing qualities and will drastically reduce the absorbent properties of nappies – the only exception may be detergents with clay based softeners built in.

-Suede/Minky cloth is virtually stain resistant however for everything else, drying in the sun is the best way to remove stubborn stains.

Nappy folds

There are lots of different ways to use flat nappies, visit u-Tube for some clips. However here are some basic ideas to help you get started.

Basic Pad Fold

Tri-fold the pad and place it on the wrap. If using a prefold you will notice that the central third has extra padding.

If you have any excess length, fold it under to create a pad that is not longer than the wrap.

Tuck the pad under the flap and affix nappy to the baby using the wrap.

Angel Fold

Lay baby on a tri-fold, keep top section flared out.

Pull nappy up between legs and pull wings together to meet in the middle.

Secure wings with a nappy fastener.

Fasten wrap over the secured nappy.

The Nappy Network mission statement

‘To facilitate the use of washable nappies and raise awareness of their many benefits.’