Newborn Hire Form

The New Born Hire scheme contains a variety of nappy styles suitable for the newborn stage. Take your time and enjoy trying out all the different nappies on your new baby and it should help you to find a washable nappy that fits both your lifestyle and baby.

Once your baby no longer fits Newborn nappies we offer follow-on hire kits or we can help you to purchase your own nappies.

Inside your kit you will find manual containing information on using, storing, washing and drying your nappies (including nappy folds) and descriptions of all the nappies and wraps, with the pros and cons of each.


I understand that in return for free receipt of the newborn nappies, I agree to complete 3 on-line follow up surveys. Should I no longer require the nappies I will return them to the Nappy Network to help others or give them to other interested parents.



The Newborn Hire Kit is charged at £20 for the initial month and £10 per each following month. Please indicate which payment method you prefer in order that we can set this up.

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