Loan kits

Newborn loan kit - Around 25 nappies of various styles in newborn sizes, wraps, liners, wipes. Everything you should need to get you started and help you choose a nappy solution that fits your family. Fill out this form to arrange a Newborn Hire.

Newborn Hire Form

Follow-on sized hire kits - Around 15 nappies of various styles in either medium or large sizes. Perfect for the follow-on stages if you want to try nappies but not sure where to start. Fill out this form to arrange a Follow-on Hire.

Follow-on Hire Form


The Nappy Network is always available to give demonstrations at events or to a group, whether that be a group of healthcare/childcare professionals or a group of young mums. Fill out the form to arrange a demonstration.

Demonstration Request

Incentive Kits

The Nappy Network has come to the end of its Climate Challenge Funded (CCF) activity. At the moment, we do not receive any funding. As a result we are currently unable to provide free incentive kits. We will, however, continue to provide low cost hire kits.

The Nappy Network mission statement

‘To facilitate the use of washable nappies and raise awareness of their many benefits.’