If you are using cloth nappies full time we would suggest around 20/25 nappies, you may need a little more or less depending on the nappy type you choose.

Nappy Bucket/Hanging Pail

You need something secure to store used nappies before washing, this can be a lidded nappy bucket or a hanging nappy pail. Nappy buckets can be fitted with an optional laundry mesh for easy transfer to the washing machine. Hanging nappy pails are effectively large wet bags than can be hung on a door, out of reach of small children, they are also easy to wash as you can just pop them in with a nappy load.


Washable wipes can be bought in kits or made out of any washable material. Wipes can be used with warm water or if you like you can make up your own wipe solution and pre-dip your wipes ready for use anywhere.

Wet Bag

Simply a waterproof bag that can be popped in your change bag – or you could opt for a change bag that has one built in.

Optional Extras


Liners can make disposing of solids easier, some people use them and some don’t. There are two options; flushable bioliners which are removed from the nappy and flushed away with the solid waste and fleece liners which are washed and re-used once the waste has been flushed away. Please note liners should always be used with nappy cream, to prevent the cream from coating the nappy fabric.


Should you need additional absorbency in your nappy boosters can be used, there is a huge variety of boosters available with the likes of bamboo, hemp and charcoal being popular for heavy wetters. Nearly any flat pad can be used for boosting; you should never worry about mixing brands or fabrics.

The Nappy Network mission statement

‘To facilitate the use of washable nappies and raise awareness of their many benefits.’